Associated source

Baird IG (2006) Probarbus jullieni and Probarbus labeamajor: the management and conservation of two of the largest ?sh species in the Mekong River in southern Laos. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 16: 517-532

Specimen/occurence ID

Probarbus jullieni BAIRD2006ACMFE-01

Probarbus labeamajor BAIRD2006ACMFE-02

Cosmochilus harmandi BAIRD2006ACMFE-03

Bagarius yarrelli BAIRD2006ACMFE-04

Boesemania microlepis BAIRD2006ACMFE-05

Pangasius conchophilus BAIRD2006ACMFE-06

Catlocarpio siamensis BAIRD2006ACMFE-07

Pangasius bocourti BAIRD2006ACMFE-08


Labeo pierrei BAIRD2006ACMFE-09

Tor tambroides BAIRD2006ACMFE-10

Hypsibarbus malcolmi BAIRD2006ACMFE-11

Hemitrygon laosensis BAIRD2006ACMFE-12

Leptobarbus hoevenii BAIRD2006ACMFE-13

Hemibagrus nemurus BAIRD2006ACMFE-14

Hypsibarbus wetmorei BAIRD2006ACMFE-15

Phalacronotus apogon BAIRD2006ACMFE-16

Cyclocheilos enoplos BAIRD2006ACMFE-17

Pangasius krempfi BAIRD2006ACMFE-18

Hemibagrus wyckioides BAIRD2006ACMFE-19

Chitala blanci BAIRD2006ACMFE-20

Labeo chrysophekadion BAIRD2006ACMFE-21

Belodontichthys truncatus BAIRD2006ACMFE-22

Aaptosyax grypus BAIRD2006ACMFE-23

Chitala ornata BAIRD2006ACMFE-24

Wallago leerii BAIRD2006ACMFE-25

Pangasianodon hypophthalmus BAIRD2006ACMFE-26

Hemibagrus wyckii BAIRD2006ACMFE-27

Hemiarius stormii BAIRD2006ACMFE-28

Brachirus siamensis BAIRD2006ACMFE-29

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