Locality ID



Prefecture: Shiga Prefecture

Basin: Yodo-gawa

Lake: Biwa Lake (Lake Biwa)

Country/region: Japan

Habitat type: large natural lake

Specimen/occurence ID

Opsariichthys uncirostris uncirostris GEDIMAP-P94 | O_uncirostris_uncirostris_L_Biwa

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

1_AB050616 (ND2) [1]

2 (ND2) [1]

Associated source

Okazaki, T., S. R. Jeon and T. Kitagawa (2002) Genetic differentiation of piscivorous chub (genus Opsariichthys) in Japan, Korea and Russia. Zool. Sci., 19: 601-610

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