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Country/region: Myanmar

Survey type: Nets

Specimen/occurence ID

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0352, RLIKU09939

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0353, RLIKU09940

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0354, RLIKU09941

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0355, RLIKU09942

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0356, RLIKU09943

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0357, RLIKU09944

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0358, RLIKU09945

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0359, RLIKU09946


Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0360, RLIKU09947

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0361, RLIKU09948

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0362, RLIKU09949

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0363, RLIKU09950

Celestichthys erythromicron IL16-0364, RLIKU09951

Esomus danrica IL16-0365, RLIKU09952

Channa harcourtbutleri IL16-0366, RLIKU09953

Trichogaster labiosa IL16-0367, RLIKU09954

Parambassis ranga IL16-0368, RLIKU09955

Parambassis lala IL16-0369, RLIKU09956

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0377, RLIKU09964

Petruichthys brevis IL16-0378, RLIKU09965

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0379, RLIKU09966

Puntius sp. cf. sophore IL16-0380-1, RLIKU09967

Puntius sophore IL16-0380-2, RLIKU09968

Pethia stoliczkana IL16-0381, RLIKU09969

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0382, RLIKU09970

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0383, RLIKU09971

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0384, RLIKU09972

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0385, RLIKU09973

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0386, RLIKU09974

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0387, RLIKU09975

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0388, RLIKU09976

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0389, RLIKU09977

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0390, RLIKU09978

Sawbwa resplendens IL16-0391, RLIKU09979

Petruichthys brevis IL16-0392, RLIKU09980

Petruichthys brevis IL16-0393, RLIKU09981

Esomus danrica IL16-0394, RLIKU09982

Petruichthys brevis IL16-0395, RLIKU09983

Microrasbora rubescens IL16-0396, RLIKU09984

Trichogaster labiosa IL16-0397, RLIKU09985

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0398, RLIKU09986

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0399, RLIKU09987

Chaudhuria caudata IL16-0400, RLIKU09988

Petruichthys brevis IL16-0402, RLIKU09990

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

UnNamed681 (COI) [1]

UnNamed682 (COI) [1]

UnNamed683 (COI) [1]

UnNamed684 (COI) [1]

UnNamed685 (COI) [1]

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Associated source

Kano Y, Musikasinthorn P, Iwata A, Tun S, Yun L, Win S, Matsui S, Tabata R, Yamasaki T, Watanabe K (2016) A dataset of fishes in and around Inle Lake, an ancient lake of Myanmar, with DNA barcoding, photo images and CT/3D models. Biodiversity Data Journal 4:e10539

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