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Country/region: Myanmar

Survey type: Nets

Specimen/occurence ID

Channa harcourtbutleri IL16-0244, RLIKU09863

Glyptothorax granosus IL16-0245, RLIKU09864

Glyptothorax granosus IL16-0246, RLIKU09865

Garra gravelyi IL16-0247, RLIKU09866

Garra gravelyi IL16-0248, RLIKU09867

Garra gravelyi IL16-0249, RLIKU09868

Inlecypris auropurpurea IL16-0250, RLIKU09869

Inlecypris auropurpurea IL16-0251, RLIKU09870


Inlecypris auropurpurea IL16-0252, RLIKU09871

Devario sp. (Inle) IL16-0253, RLIKU09872

Puntius sophore IL16-0254, RLIKU09873

Puntius sophore IL16-0255, RLIKU09874

Puntius sophore IL16-0256, RLIKU09875

Parambassis ranga IL16-0257, RLIKU09876

Balitora sp. IL16-0258, RLIKU09877

Garra gravelyi IL16-0259, RLIKU09878

Parambassis ranga IL16-0260, RLIKU09879

Puntius sophore IL16-0261, RLIKU09880

Puntius sophore IL16-0262, RLIKU09881

Puntius sophore IL16-0263, RLIKU09882

Pethia stoliczkana IL16-0264, RLIKU09883

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

UnNamed650 (COI) [1]

UnNamed651 (COI) [1]

UnNamed652 (COI) [1]

UnNamed653 (COI) [1]

UnNamed654 (COI) [1]

UnNamed655 (COI) [1]

UnNamed656 (COI) [1]

UnNamed657 (COI) [1]

UnNamed658 (COI) [1]

UnNamed659 (COI) [1]

UnNamed660 (COI) [1]

UnNamed661 (COI) [1]

UnNamed662 (COI) [1]

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Associated source

Kano Y, Musikasinthorn P, Iwata A, Tun S, Yun L, Win S, Matsui S, Tabata R, Yamasaki T, Watanabe K (2016) A dataset of fishes in and around Inle Lake, an ancient lake of Myanmar, with DNA barcoding, photo images and CT/3D models. Biodiversity Data Journal 4:e10539

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