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Country/region: Myanmar

Survey type: Market survey

Specimen/occurence ID

Neolissochilus nigrovittatus IL14-0324, RLIKU09326

Neolissochilus nigrovittatus IL14-0325, RLIKU09327

Petruichthys brevis IL14-0326, RLIKU09328

Petruichthys brevis IL14-0327, RLIKU09329

Petruichthys brevis IL14-0328, RLIKU09330

Physoschistura rivulicola IL14-0329, RLIKU09331

Physoschistura rivulicola IL14-0330, RLIKU09332

Microrasbora rubescens IL14-0331, RLIKU09333


Lepidocephalichthys berdmorei IL14-0333, RLIKU09335

Lepidocephalichthys berdmorei IL14-0334, RLIKU09336

Channa harcourtbutleri IL14-0335, RLIKU09337

Channa harcourtbutleri IL14-0336, RLIKU09338

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

UnNamed473 (COI) [1]

UnNamed474 (COI) [1]

UnNamed475 (COI) [1]

UnNamed476 (COI) [1]

UnNamed477 (COI) [1]

UnNamed478 (COI) [1]

UnNamed479 (COI) [1]


UnNamed480 (COI) [1]

UnNamed481 (COI) [1]

UnNamed482 (COI) [1]

UnNamed483 (COI) [1]

UnNamed484 (COI) [1]

UnNamed485 (COI) [1]

UnNamed486 (COI) [1]

UnNamed487 (COI) [1]

UnNamed488 (COI) [1]

UnNamed489 (COI) [1]

UnNamed490 (COI) [1]

UnNamed491 (COI) [1]

UnNamed492 (COI) [1]

UnNamed493 (COI) [1]

UnNamed494 (COI) [1]

UnNamed495 (COI) [1]

UnNamed496 (COI) [1]

UnNamed497 (COI) [1]

UnNamed498 (COI) [1]

UnNamed499 (COI) [1]

UnNamed500 (COI) [1]

UnNamed501 (COI) [1]

UnNamed502 (COI) [1]

UnNamed503 (COI) [1]

UnNamed504 (COI) [1]

UnNamed505 (COI) [1]

UnNamed506 (COI) [1]

UnNamed507 (COI) [1]

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Associated source

Kano Y, Musikasinthorn P, Iwata A, Tun S, Yun L, Win S, Matsui S, Tabata R, Yamasaki T, Watanabe K (2016) A dataset of fishes in and around Inle Lake, an ancient lake of Myanmar, with DNA barcoding, photo images and CT/3D models. Biodiversity Data Journal 4:e10539

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