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Country/region: Myanmar

Survey type: Market survey

Project: INLE-KU

Specimen/occurence ID

Cyprinus intha IL14-0007 | RLIKU09006

Channa harcourtbutleri IL14-0008 | RLIKU09007

Notopterus notopterus IL14-0009 | RLIKU09008

Notopterus notopterus IL14-0010 | RLIKU09009

Systomus sp. cf. rubripinnis IL14-0011 | RLIKU09010

Lepidocephalichthys berdmorei IL14-0012 | RLIKU09011

Glossogobius sp. cf. giuris IL14-0013 | RLIKU09012

Systomus sp. cf. rubripinnis IL14-0014 | RLIKU09013


Gymnostomus horai IL14-0015 | RLIKU09014

Gymnostomus horai IL14-0016 | RLIKU09015

Clarias sp. (cf. batrachus) IL14-0017 | RLIKU09016

Clarias sp. (cf. batrachus) IL14-0018 | RLIKU09017

Monopterus javanensis IL14-0019 | RLIKU09018

Monopterus javanensis IL14-0020 | RLIKU09019

Monopterus cuchia IL14-0021 | RLIKU09020

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

UnNamed21 (COI) [1]

UnNamed22 (COI) [1]

UnNamed23 (COI) [1]

UnNamed24 (COI) [1]

UnNamed25 (COI) [1]

UnNamed26 (COI) [1]

UnNamed27 (COI) [1]

UnNamed28 (COI) [1]


UnNamed29 (COI) [1]

UnNamed30 (COI) [1]

UnNamed31 (COI) [1]

UnNamed32 (COI) [1]

UnNamed33 (COI) [1]

UnNamed34 (COI) [1]

UnNamed35 (COI) [1]

UnNamed36 (COI) [1]

UnNamed37 (COI) [1]

UnNamed38 (COI) [1]

UnNamed39 (COI) [1]

UnNamed40 (COI) [1]

UnNamed41 (COI) [1]

UnNamed42 (COI) [1]

UnNamed43 (COI) [1]

UnNamed44 (COI) [1]

UnNamed45 (COI) [1]

UnNamed46 (COI) [1]

UnNamed47 (COI) [1]

UnNamed48 (COI) [1]

UnNamed49 (COI) [1]

UnNamed50 (COI) [1]

UnNamed51 (COI) [1]

UnNamed52 (COI) [1]

UnNamed53 (COI) [1]

UnNamed54 (COI) [1]

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Associated source

Kano Y, Musikasinthorn P, Iwata A, Tun S, Yun L, Win S, Matsui S, Tabata R, Yamasaki T, Watanabe K (2016) A dataset of fishes in and around Inle Lake, an ancient lake of Myanmar, with DNA barcoding, photo images and CT/3D models. Biodiversity Data Journal 4:e10539

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