Locality ID



Locality: 高島市 針江

Locality: Takashima-city Harie


Prefecture: Shiga Prefecture

Basin: Yodo-gawa

Lake: Biwa Lake (Lake Biwa)

Country/region: Japan

Habitat type: paddy field

Specimen/occurence ID

? Cobitis taenia/biwae (sp. complex) C_biwae_Shiga_Harie, GEDIMAP-P2009

Cobitis magnostriata C_sp__1_Shiga_Harie, GEDIMAP-P2005

Cobitis minamorii oumiensis C_sp__2_subsp__4_Shiga_Harie, GEDIMAP-P2007

Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (Clade B1) GEDIMAP-P2011, M_anguillicaudatus_Shiga_Harie

Tanakia limbata GEDIMAP-P2031, T_limbata_Shiga_Harie2

Rhynchocypris lagowskii steindachneri GEDIMAP-P2071, P_lagowskii_steindachneri_Shiga_Harie

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

Cbiw_01 (cyt-b) [6]

Cbiw_02 (cyt-b) [2]

Cbiw_03 (cyt-b) [3]

Cbiw_07 (cyt-b) [1]

Cmag_01 (cyt-b) [5]

Cmag_02 (cyt-b) [8]

Cmag_03 (cyt-b) [8]

Cmag_04 (cyt-b) [1]


CMO_01 (cyt-b) [13]

CMO_02 (cyt-b) [2]

CMO_03 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_04 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_05 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_06 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_07 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_08 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_09 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_10 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_11 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_12 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_13 (cyt-b) [2]

CMO_14 (cyt-b) [3]

CMO_15 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_16 (cyt-b) [2]

CMO_17 (cyt-b) [3]

CMO_18 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_19 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_20 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_21 (cyt-b) [2]

CMO_22 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_23 (cyt-b) [1]

CMO_24 (cyt-b) [2]

CMO_25 (cyt-b) [1]

Mang_05 (cyt-b) [1]

Mang_07 (cyt-b) [1]

Mang_08 (cyt-b) [1]

Tlim_01 (cyt-b) [10]

Tlim_02 (cyt-b) [1]

Tlim_07 (cyt-b) [1]

Tlim_11 (cyt-b) [5]

Tlim_13 (cyt-b) [3]

Tlim_15 (cyt-b) [1]

Rlste_03 (cyt-b) [4]

Rlste_05 (cyt-b) [1]

Rlste_08 (cyt-b) [1]

Rlste_09 (cyt-b) [2]

Associated source

Tabata, R., R. Kakioka, K. Tominaga, T. Komiya and K. Watanabe (2016) Phylogeny and historical demography of endemic fishes in Lake Biwa: the ancient lake as a promoter of evolution and diversification of freshwater fishes in western Japan. Ecology and Evolution 6:2601-2623

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