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Locality: 琵琶湖 北湖 近江八幡市

Locality: Lake Biwa, North lake, Omihachiman


Prefecture: Shiga Prefecture

Basin: Yodo-gawa

Lake: Biwa Lake (Lake Biwa)

Country/region: Japan

Habitat type: large natural lake

Specimen/occurence ID

Sarcocheilichthys sp./spp. (not yet identified) GEDIMAP-P1292, S_biwaensis_Shiga_Omihachiman

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

A001 (cyt-b) [4]

A011 (cyt-b) [3]

Associated source

Komiya, T., S. Fujita and K. Watanabe (2011) A novel resource polymorphism in fish, driven by differential bottom environments: an example from an ancient lake in Japan. PLoS ONE, 6: e17430. Doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017430

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