Specimen/Data ID: CTU-P01065 | Drepane punctata (Linnaeus, 1758) [PERCIFORMES: Drepaneidae]

Drepane punctata [Photo author: Dinh D. Tran]
Drepane punctata [Photo author: Dinh D. Tran]
Specimen Information
Data type: Primary data
Data owner: Dinh D. Tran
Specimen/Data ID: CTU-P01065
Drepane punctata
DNA information:
Native or Alien: Native
Query CODE:
    Number of individuals:
    Specimen preserved at: Can Tho University, Vietnam
    Size (SL):
    Sampling date (Y.M.D): 2008.8.4
    Sampling location: Hiep Thanh, Cau Ngang, Tra Vinh, Vietnam
    Sampling method(s): trawl
    Habitat: Co Chien River, mouth of slow-flowing large river with turbid brackish water
    Comment: Juvenile
    Specimens/data distribution (showing just a rough locality)

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