Gobiopterus chuno (Hamilton, 1822) [GOBIIFORMES: Gobiidae]

Gobiopterus chuno Male and female
Gobiopterus chuno [Photo author: Phanara Thach]
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Number of specimens/data: 221 [Show all]
Gobiopterus chuno
Synonyms: Gobiopterus chuno [Valid]
Gobiella pellucida [Invalid]
Gobius chuno [Invalid]
Micrapocryptes fragilis [Invalid]
IUCN category: Data Deficient
Size (SL, specimen basis):
English name:
Japanese name:
Thai name: บู่
Thai pronunciation: Buu Kaew
Laotian name:
Laotian pronunciation:
Cambodian name: ត្រី ក្សានកែវ
Cambodian pronunciation: Trey ksan​​ keo
Vietnamese name: Cá bống
Vietnamese pronunciation:
Malaysian name:
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